dnd 3.5e – Does Discipline Focus (Insightful Strikes) add the Wisdom bonus to each attack of Flashing Sun’s full-attack action?

Discipline Focus (Insightful Strikes) states the following:

At 4th level, you can add your Wisdom modifier as a bonus on damage
rolls whenever you execute a strike from the chosen discipline. At
12th level, you can choose a second discipline to which this ability

and Flashing Sun states the following:

Flashing sun allows you to make an additional melee attack during this
round. As part of this maneuver, you take a full attack action and
make your normal melee attacks. However, you can make one additional
attack this round at your highest attack bonus. All the attacks you
make this round, including the extra attack granted by this maneuver,
are made with a -2 penalty.

So, the thing is, Flashing Sun includes a full attack in its description, and Insightful Strikes says “damage rolls”, in plural. Does this mean that it adds the Wis bonus to each attack’s damage roll, only to the one added by the strike itself, or neither?