dnd 3.5e – How Do Prepared Actions Involving a Movement Interact with a Charge?


In turn, Alice uses the action ready. It specifies the condition "a creature attacks me" and an action that would take her out of her melee range (like teleporting with dimension door).

At Bob's next turn, he's charging Alice. The attack that he would take at the end of his charge meets the trigger conditions of Alice's prepared action, so she teleports.

What exactly come?

  • Can Bob make his melee attack before Alice is teleported?
  • Does it matter if Alice teleports somewhere that would have been in Bob's original charge range, compared to a place where he could not bill?
  • If Bob fails to attack, does he still lose all of his full round action for charging? Or did he just spend a movement action if he can never attack? What happens if it is already farther than it could be with a single action (since you can load twice as fast)?
  • Would it matter if Alice had chosen a different trigger condition for her prepared action, like "a creature approaching me at 20 feet?"