dnd 3.5e – How do the "Shorten Grip" or "Short Haft" exploits work on an awlpike?

the "Awlpike" of Dragon Compendium p.110 at the following entry:

Built in the same way as a longspear, the northern pike is about 15 feet long. You can hit your opponents at about fifteen meters, but you can not use it against enemies closer than that. If you use an action ready to place a large punch against
a charge, you inflict double damage to a successful hit against a character in charge.

L & # 39; feat "Shorten the hold" Dragon Compendium p.108 grants the following benefit:

When you brandish a mast arm with a range that you are comfortable with, you can treat the weapon as if it were not worn. The weapon is difficult to handle when it is used this way and you inflict a -2 penalty on attack rolls when you attack an opponent that you would not normally be able to.

L & # 39; feat "Short Haft" from Player Handbook 2 p.82 gives the following benefit:

As a quick action, you can choose to lose the benefit of using any weapon range other than a spiked chain or whip. In return, you can use this weapon to threaten and attack adjacent spaces. With another fast action, you can forego the benefits of this feat in order to regain the use of the upper range of your weapon.

My question is: "Would any of these feats apply to the Awlpike one way or the other? "

I remember Dragon Magazine's exploit "to shorten the adhesion" # 331 specifically stating that this feat can not be applied to Awlpike, although Dragon Compendium cites the same problem in as a source of exploit and article, it does not exclude Awlpike. more.

Regarding the "short run" of PH2, there was probably no previous 3.5e for a weapon with a range of 15 feet. save the whip, who has separate rules as a weapon of scope and who has been excluded from the exploit.

It seems to me that RAW does not forbid the use of any of these exploits with an Awlpike, although it seems strange to me, because RAW would be able to hit adjacent enemies again, but not enemies at a distance of 10 feet. a way. As a DM, I would be tempted to allow the player to shorten the Awlpike to one meter. to reach but not to 5 feet as the feat would normally – or exclude the April Paisle from being used with these feats altogether.