dnd 3.5e – Is there a way to make Chaotic Neutral Anti-Paladin?

There is!

Dragon vol. 310 has the anarch, a CN paladin. They get a different skill list, instances of good are replaced with chaos and evil with law, and they get different ribbons¹ from the paladin. Turn undead becomes turn construct, which is super-weird. The spell list is different, which doesn’t really matter from a core perspective (since both the anarch and the core paladin spell lists are poor), but you’ll have to discuss with your DM which non-core spells should go on the anarch list and/or which non-core paladin spells should be adapted for anarchs.

  1. “Ribbons” are minor class features that are more about fluff than anything. In this case, lay on hands, divine health, and remove disease, which are replaced with destructive strike, slippery mind, and dispel law, respectively.