dnd 3.5e – What is the level setting of this Gorilla nature avatar model? (Version 2)

I would like to include in my world the opportunity for a PC to turn into a kind of nature-based look on one of the animals in my current campaign. I use the process of transformation to become a Dragonborn in Races of the Dragon as a basis for the mechanics of processing. I just need a good set of "models" for them to turn into works created by Dragon in a strange world between model and races. are: elephant, lion, bear, hawk, leopard, turtle, shark and dolphin.

Avatar of Nature (Gorilla)

After completing the ritual of rebirth, you will emerge from an aspect of the divine fury of nature. Your skin is now covered with a thick layer of black fur and your face has turned into a distinctly simian form. Your size is slightly larger than your previous race, but you do not change size categories.

Subtype: Animal blood, you win the animal blood subtype, you can acquire / use all the exploits and other abilities that target the animals.

Bonus statistics: +2 Str, -2 Int

Base Speed: 30ft Land, 15ft Climb (only for use with a light load and must have hands free).

Darkvision at 60 feet.

The Gorillafolk enjoy a +2 natural armor bonus.

Natural Weapons: A Gorilla Avatar has two Slam attacks on 1d4. Each attack is unusable if an object is held by the corresponding hand. Examples
Wear a short sword: an attack, carry a sword and shield: no attack

A Gorilla avatar enjoys a +2 racial bonus to climbing checks and can still pick 10 even if he is in a hurry or threatened.

Brachiation: a gorilla avatar can select a brachiation, even if it does not meet the requirements.

Automatic languages: Gora (secret language understandable only by other gorilla avatars similar to Druidic)

Class of choice: Barbarian or Ranger