dnd 5e – Could a Druid/Pact Blade Warlock use a Pact Blade while in Wild Shape form?

I have a player who would like to multi-class as a Druid and Blade Pact Warlock, using their pact weapon while in Wild Shape form.

In this particular instance, they want to adapt the weapon to fit their animal form, say, adding spikes to hooves or a pointed helmet to some kind of charging animal.

Would arming an animal be feasible and/or practical (now I’m imagining a bear with a Pickelhaube…)? Even if you could give a bear a sword, I don’t think it would do as much damage as its natural weapons anyway. But maybe adding extra spikes to an elk’s horns might add bonus damage? Would this, in and of itself, seem to break anything? I’m tempted to say no, as you can armor a horse, add lasers to a shark, etc.

Is there a unique advantage to arming said animal via a pact weapon? It would give proficiency, be magical, etc. But again, it may deliver less of an impact than the animal’s natural weapons, or just give a little boost to DPS or something, but that could negate itself just by being MAD.

I’m conflicted here. I don’t want this to just be some way to powergame, but if there’s no real advantage (beyond what you might achieve with something like Druid/Barbarian or similar) and just makes for good RP then I’m obliged to allow it.

Will this break things? Am I missing something?