dnd 5e – Does the Arcane Archer Firing Curve feature force you to see the second creature if you missed the first one?

When you miss an attack as an Arcane Archer fighter, the Shooting Curve function (XGtE, p.28) allows you to use a bonus action to re-launch that attack against another creature within 20 yards of the first .

Curved shooting

At the 7th level, you will learn to lead a wandering arrow to a new target. When you make an attack roll with a magic arrow and you miss a shot, you can use a bonus action to re-roll the attack roll against a different target within 20 yards of the target of the target. 39; origin.

Would you need to be able to see the second target when you restart this attack?

I imagine that if you know that the second target is present, it would be as if you are attacking an invisible target and therefore have a disadvantage.

Would it be possible to hit a second target if you did not know that they were there?