dnd 5e – Doubletalk – Is it in the rules?

Basic question: Do the rules specify an action like doubletalk (or something like it)?

What I mean by doubletalk: I am referring to a character conveying a message to allies while hiding that message from enemies. There are probable other words for it, as well.

Deception vs. Insight: This opposed roll may be exactly what I am looking for, but I am looking for verification. Do the rules specify anywhere that Deception can be used in this way? At this point, there are many campaign-specific books, so if the rules do exist, I suspect they are in one of the expansion books. I have not seen anything in any of the core books detailing rules for doubletalk.

Reason why I am interested: Deception vs. Insight for enemies could make for an interesting mechanic if there were some additional suggestion for it. I usually find it funny in books and movies when an ally does not get the inside joke. So, having both allies and enemies roll to see if they catch the hidden meaning could be fun. Alternately, if allies and enemies have the same DC to understand the inside joke, then doubletalk becomes as harmful as it is helpful, which makes it far less useful (and less fun). So, I am hoping to find rules that may help make this mechanic a bit more enjoyable. Specifically, might I use different DCs for allies vs enemies? Do allies get automatic advantage? Or, is it just safest to allow allies to auto-succeed, and this ability is only vs enemies?