dnd 5e – How can I optimize my dual wield fighter for damage?

Ok so I’ll be concise with this but tl;dr I’m starting a new campaign at level 5 as a fighter, would like to duel wield and want to optimize myself so I deal damage and don’t fall off late game. Also like to add my DM is quite lenient as we like to have fun over following rules to a t.

Race: Valenar High Elf

Weapons: Two scimitars

STR: 17 (+3),
DEX: 18 (+4),
CON: 16 (+3),
INT: 15 (+2),
WIS: 11 (+0),
CHR: 11 (+0).

Fighting Style: Great Weapon Fighter.
I’ve unsure whether this is optimal for my duel wielder or not late game? I’ve heard TWF is just not good whatsoever.

Martial Archetype: Eldritch Knight.
My secondary scimitar will be my focus, so I can cast while duel wielding.

At level 4 I didn’t choose a feat, and instead gave +1 to DEX and +1 to STR.

Chill Touch,
Fire Bolt,
Green-Flame Blade.

Absorb Elements,
Earth Tremor,

I’m not sure where to change, but I want to keep being an EK.