dnd 5e – How does an Animated Undead Determine Hostility, and how does it Defend Itself?

Animate Undead only creates two types of creatures, zombies and skeletons, neither of which are very smart (INT of 3 and 6 respectively), leaving them with few resources to figure out if a creature is hostile without that creature taking an obviously hostile action. Unless a creature does something immediately harmful, such as attacking them with a weapon or spell, the undead aren’t likely to realize that the creature is hostile or even unfriendly.

So in this case, a “hostile creature” is one that directly attempts to harm the undead, or takes some other obviously hostile action.

How do these undead “defend themselves” against hostile actions? Well, typically with fighting back. To defend oneself is not to simply attempt to avoid harm, but also to attempt to prevent anyone who is attempting to inflict harm from continuing to do so. Think about this: self-defense laws are laws in place that can exclude you from punishment under the law for attacking another person, as long as you were attacking that person to defend yourself from their attacks.

If one of the undead are attacked, they will fight back.