dnd 5e – How long does the DnD Starter Set campaign last?

I am quite interested in buying the DnD Starter Set to be introduced to DnD and GM / DM for the first time.

Since I discovered Stack RP, I've read a lot of DnD Q / A out of curiosity and it really made me want to try it.

I've already played a bit as a player with a group of friends and I would like to be part of this group because I'm a little shy, I know them pretty well and I can anticipate how they are going act and react better.

But even after looking for this, I do not have clear answers to two questions that are separated into two posts.

Here is one of the questions : Given a team of moderately experienced players, how many hours can the startup campaign last? (at least, without quest / secondary employment, fights that go well etc …). Previous experience with Starter Set would be really appreciated.

Link to the second question regarding the attachment of the boot campaign to another module.