dnd 5e – What determines if a Wild Shaped Druid/Rogue can use a finesse weapon to gain Sneak Attack?

A Druid/Rogue multiclass gains access to Wild Shape and Sneak Attack.

While Wild Shaped, a character gets access to most features it has normally. Sneak Attack is one of those features.

I am aware that the basic Ape has a ranged attack that qualifies for Sneak Attack. I was hoping to learn of the other means of applying Sneak Attack: finesse weapons.

Which Beasts can the Druid/Rogue turn into that can actually use finesse weapons like a Dagger? What determines if a Beast can use such weapons?

Whether or not the Beasts keep weapon proficiency is another question, but best left for another post. (Wild Shape only mentions Skill and Save proficiencies, iirc.)