dnd 5th – Can the Catapult spell be used directly?

Yes, you can choose any direction, including right.

As the spell describes, the movement of the object is very strange. It moves in a straight line, so it is not a projectile in the usual sense. It looks more like a rocket, where the effect of gravity is constantly thwarted during its flight.

It is not clear if the object continues its motion forward.

The object travels 90 feet "before falling to the ground". Does this mean that ordinary physics reaffirms itself and that the object immediately begins to fall like a projectile, or does it fall down? According to the text of the spell, it is not clear.

The first reading poses the following problem: the speed of movement of the object is not clearly defined. We, as players, can not really know where it will end up. It's one of those situations where, as a DM, you have to consider what the player is trying to do and the likely outcome of a success or failure, then decide how to solve it.

In the latter case, launching the object from a certain angle is not very useful because it shortens the scope. You can always do it to hit a target in the air, or launch a grappling hook or something like that, as you suggested.