dnd 5th – Can the living undead wear armor and use weapons?

Do zombies with plates have an AC of 18 instead of 8?

  • Yes, but the zombie has no skill in armor or weapons. Using heavy armor other than Chainmail would penalize the speed of zombies by 10 plus the disadvantage in any ability, save throw, or attack roll test involving Strength or Dexterity, and you can not cast of spells.

Does handling a big sword cancel the slam attack and now do 2d6 + 1?

  • No, it should either attack with slam or have a disadvantage on the roll of attack using the Swordfish (Str-based melee weapon) because the zombie is not very good at wearing armor.

Does a zombie have a disadvantage because he does not master this equipment?

  • Yes, unlike the skeleton, he keeps nothing of his previous life.

Can the assistant create undead and create ghouls dressed in armor?

  • Porter, yes.
  • Mastery with, No.

They are different types of undead created as a whole by a spell but do not confer any skill. The skeleton had skills from their previous life and it passed in the form of undead. Although a ghoul with Int 7, they are able to gain class levels, with DM approval. For your information, do not lose control when they do it 🙂

It depends on the skill or not.

The difference between zombies and the classic animated skeletons undead is:

"Obedient servants A skeleton can fight with weapons and wear armor, … "


Soldiers without spirit "… unable to understand obstacles, tactics or dangerous terrain."


  • Class of armor – 13 (remains of armor)

(base 10, +2 Dex, +1 light armor control)

  • Weapon – Short sword (Martial skill, finesse) +4 to hit

(basic skill +2, Dex modifier +2)

  • Weapon – Shorbow (Simple skill, remote) +4 to hit

(basic skill +2, Dex modifier +2)


(base 10, -2 Dex)

  • Weapon – slam (natural) +3 to hit

(Basic skill +2, Str +1 modifier)

The comparison of these two classic undead shows that numbers are responsible for competence or not.

The DM should propose a random skill of this skeleton.

Basically, if the statistics block says "armor or weapon", they at least master this equipment.