dnd 5th – Can you share a component pocket with another creature?

A character can use a component pocket or a casting target. […] instead of the specified components for a spell.

There is no special requirement that the pouch be linked by magic or tuned or otherwise restricted to one person who uses it. It's just a pouch full of ingredients and there are no rules explaining why you can not share it with another caster.

However, note that the pragmatics and economy of action of such an arrangement may be tricky.

A caster must have his hands free to access the material components of a spell or to focus on a spellcast. […]

First of all, you must keep the wallet in a place where you can access it because you have to keep it physically in order to use it. If one of you casts a spell with hardware components but can not reach the pocket, that person will be in a difficult place and may not be able to launch it.

Then, depending on the location and location of storage, you may need to use your free object interaction to access it:

You can also interact for free with an object or feature of the environment, whether for your move or your action.

You may even need to use an action to access it, depending on how the data transfer rules transferring the element between two characters would work in your exact scenario.

The deputy minister may ask you to use an action for any of these activities if it requires special care or presents an unusual obstacle.

But all of this means that it is not an ideal arrangement but that everything is fine according to the rules. However, I would highly recommend getting a wallet for each one of you as soon as possible.