dnd 5th – DnDIY Helps move hexagonal wooden tiles

I have these small hexagonal slabs (3 cm in an angle, 2.4 from right to left) that I plan to use in my DnD campaigns. I plan to paint them on both sides, with a nature-ish side (grass, rivers, etc.) and an inner side (cave, wood floor, carpet, etc.). However, the biggest problem I face is their movement. Unless the figures are picked up very carefully, the tiles will start to move, which can very quickly ruin the whole picture. Of course, once painted, the drag will increase and they will be more difficult to move, but I thought I could report the problem here and see if I could find a solution to this problem.

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Tiles with various mini Reaper Bones

Solutions I've thought of

  • Get a large silicone tray / tray or a piece of thick cloth.

We hope that this would reduce the possible movements sufficiently. However, it can be somewhat impractical to store.

  • Get a large "sticky" surface to place them.

It would work fine, except that the paint quickly wears out, which means I can not paint the tiles in duplicate. Increases are expensive

  • Sheet metal with magnets at the bottom of the tiles.

As above, increases are expensive and tiles can not be doubled.

  • Get yourself a plate with enough size to hold exactly X tiles, so that they can all be clicked in place to limit movement

Best IMO solution, but also takes a lot of space and requires map to be of size X.

Does anyone have experience in limiting the movements of a custom terrain? If yes, what did you do to solve it and does it work as expected?