dnd 5th – How can I play a serial killer in a group of good PCs?

One of my characters died in a game – the paladin type "do no harm, do not do law" – and I wanted to change it. I want to play a type of serial killer, who believes that what he does is not wrong, but also acknowledges that the company does not agree with him.

I've had the experience with other evil characters in a group of good characters, and if they do their evil thing "on the screen", the party will do all its possible to find excuses for being a place that the villainous character is, following him for no reason, or generally suspicious without reason of character. I always want to develop my character "on the screen", but I do not know how to do it without incurring the wrath of the metagame.

To be clear, none of the actions of this character would hinder the benefit of the party. Distinct from the hobo murder. The perverse serial killer would commit his night killings on unimportant people, such as a random drunkard in the bar or a criminal in the stocks, and he would work in the direction of the party's goals, like stopping the perverse man .

I admit that if I get caught, I will surely die in the hands of my party. I just want to get there in an organic way, instead of being "caught" by off-game knowledge from the first day.

How can I play this character "on stage" and not encounter the problems listed above? Is it even feasible without becoming a problem gambler?