dnd 5th – How does a Swashbuckler scammer "fight with two weapons while moving away safely"?

The following paragraph is

When you choose this archetype at the 3rd level, you learn
how to bring down a strike and then run away without retaliation.
During your turn, if you make a melee attack against a
creature, this creature can not make any attacks of opportunity
against you for the rest of your turn. -SCAG pg. 135

He goes on to clarify in a text on the following page

This allows you to use your bonus action for
fight with two weapons, then escape safely to each enemy
you attacked. -SCAG pg. 136

Thus, while holding two weapons, if you are encircled, you can launch two attacks against two different creatures and escape unscathed. It does not specifically indicate that it must hit, it just needs to be done.