dnd 5th – How to solve an amateur multiclass problem?

So, how do you handle a lot of toys as an attempt at a multi-class, directionless character, because I'm now playing a character that I had when I was playing for the first time at D & D when I did not know how the game unfolded.

  • 16 Dex 20 Charisma.
  • Swashbuckler's features of the 6th level.
  • 5th level Eldritch Knight features.
  • Radiant Combat of Aasimar Scourge
  • wild giant snake
  • mail on the scale.
  • Find familiar
  • Additional attack
  • Flames green and in flames
  • Find familiar
  • Dodge Uncanny
  • Absorb the elements.
  • Shield.
  • Combat with two weapons
  • And the Medium Armor Master Feat.

Etc. I'm trying to juggle between these but I have to admit that I'm trying a lot, but I'm not a tactical thinker but I'm trying to do it and lately, at this high level, I'm meaning useless as leader in the evening. .

TLDR, I want to find here a synergy between what to use and not to use a situation to make the most of what I have.