dnd 5th – If I use the paired spell to target two creatures with an attack, do the attacks occur simultaneously?

Suppose you are a multi-class wizard with a paladin and you have Burning punishment active when you run two adjacent creatures and you pass a ritual point to use the Twin spell metamagic on the cantrip Boomante blade. You perform two attack rolls, one against each creature, and both are successfully hit. Which of the following statements is true?

  • The first target creature is affected by the Burning punishment to spell
  • The second creature targeted by the paired spell is affected by the Burning punishment to spell
  • Both creatures are hit simultaneously and you have the choice of the creature to affect with Burning punishment (but you can only choose one!)

The practical use of this question is that by the time you launch the attack, you have "locked" your targeting order, but if the second attack roll is critical, you may be tempted to prefer to apply the attack. damage suffered. instead, gain additional critical damage instantly. Therefore, whether these attacks occur simultaneously or not affects the decisions you might make in this scenario.