dnd 5th – Players bypassing the limits of Wish

So I know that Wish is supposed to be a really powerful spell, but some of my players in my group (I'm the DM) seem to have spent some time working around the limits of Wish. Now, I know that to avoid any adverse problem (other than an accident), you must reproduce a spell of level 8 or lower, with anything else becoming a probability for you to never launch a type. wish spell again. You could wish a magic weapon, but that might carry you somewhere where the weapon currently resides. I know that the Wishif you make something, you must stay within three hundred cubic feet, or you could completely heal 20 creatures, or any number of strange things.

Some of my players have spent a lot of time trying to create wishes so that I can not twist or corrupt them. Now, I also know that they can not just want something like 45 points of dexterity, but these are legitimate wishes. One of them evoked "I wish the immediate and complete obliteration of everything (here insert the monster, here it was the Tarrasque) in this plane of existence, without any undesirable side effects.

How would a deputy minister treat such a wish? In addition, if players spend so much time on such a wish, would that even be considered an abuse of power?

I realize that they may never cast this spell because of the 33% chance they will not be able to cast it, but I honestly believe that telling them that their spell is failing is an absolute last resort. I would prefer that the answers come from the experience and not from the conjuncture.