dnd 5th – Swift Quiver ends earlier if you run out of arrows after being cast?

The Level 5 Ranger Charm quick quiver (PHB, pp. 279-280) says (bold italics my accentuation):

components: V, S, M (a quiver containing at least one ammunition)

You transmute your quiver so that it produces an infinite supply of non-magical ammo …

At each of your turns until the end of the spell, you can use a bonus action to perform two attacks with the help of a weapon using the quiver ammo. Whenever you do such a ranged attack, your quiver magically replaces the ammunition you used with a similar piece of non-magical ammunition.

From what I understand, the ammo is only replaced when you use it to perform these special bonus action attacks, and do not replace the ammo you use when you make regular attacks with your action .

So, let's say we have a ranger who has more than one arrow. They throw quick quiver (The quiver containing only one piece of ammunition meets the requirements for hardware components) and now this spell is active.

If this Ranger fires his last arrow with his action (that is, a "regular" attack and not one of those bonus action attacks replacing an arrow), the spell will take end because the quiver no longer contains ammo (and to my reading, the spell does not replace the ammunition used by "regular" attacks)? Or, since the material component was satisfied at casting, does not the hardware component need to remain valid for the duration of the spell after that date?