dnd 5th – What happens when a very fast creature moves with a bottle of cigarette still open?

The Eversmoking Bottle Magic Item contains the following details:

Smoke escapes from the lead mouth of this brass bottle, which weighs 1 pound. When you use an action to remove the cap, a cloud of thick smoke spreads within a 60-foot radius of the bottle. The cloud area is heavily masked. Every minute, the bottle stays open and in the cloud, the radius increases by 10 feet until reaching its maximum radius of 120 feet. The cloud persists as long as the bottle is open. Closing the bottle requires that you pronounce his word of order as an action. Once the bottle is closed, the cloud disperses after 10 minutes. A moderate wind (11 to 20 miles per hour) can also disperse smoke after 1 minute, and a strong wind (21 miles or more) can do so after 1 lap.

What happens if a very fast creature opens the bottle, then immediately moves away from the smoke (ex: 500ft)?

  1. The smoke follows the creature up to the destination
  2. Smoke is also generated along the way, forming a 60-foot-wide, 500-foot smoke line
  3. Smoke is generated only at the beginning of the creature's turn. Therefore, if it stops at 500 feet and waits for its next turn, a new 60-foot cloud will be created there.
  4. Smoke is generated only once (at the time of opening), no additional smoke will be generated either on the way to the destination or on the destination itself.
  5. Other behavior