dnd 5th – When you perform the Dash action via Expedite Retreat, does it consume your action this same turn?

the quick retirement spell (which has a bonus action cast time) says:

This spell allows you to move at an incredible rate. When you cast this spell, then as a bonus on each of your turns until the end of the spell, you can perform the Dash action.

However, with a strict reading of the formulation, it says "when you cast this spell … you can perform the Dash action". It does not add "as a bonus action" at the end, which implies that the part "you can Dash as a bonus action" only comes into effect when subsequent rounds, and initiating that round always uses an action, as it only specifies the bonus action for subsequent rounds ("then as a bonus action on each of your turns until the end of the spell ").

If I wanted to cast this spell, then Dash, would I still have my action to use for something else on the same turn? I'm pretty sure my strict reading is wrong (at least not RAI), but Why Am I wrong?

There are other questions on this site about this spell, but none of them specifically deal with this formulation on which I focus.