dnd 5th – Would the existence of a spell glyph also require casting the stored spell?

Wish has mainly two classes of use:

  • Duplicate the effects of a spell
  • Cause something else; take game damage from the Stress of fate

This means that in practice you have two options to create a protection glyph:

  • Duplicate a Glyph of protection spell exactly as it is written, which means that you must always use the second spell slot and only need to provide the spells you are able to prepare (and have prepared at the time of your launch). Wish
  • Create a glyph of protection with the spell you want (and perhaps an additional effect – it's your wish …), without having to pass the second location of the spell or to prepare it. take game damage from the Stress of fate.

There is a wrinkle in the previous use of the Wish although:

The basic use of this spell is to duplicate any other spell level 8 or lower. You do not need to meet the requirements of this spell, including expensive components. The spell simply takes effect.

What exactly is a "requirement ignored by Wish"is the subject of considerable debate." Based on this post, requirements is here to refer to such things as casting time, hardware components, spell lists, preparation, etc. I do not think that would allow you to ignore the requirements

  • Prepare the spell you plan to place in the glyph
  • Be able to spend the spell location needed to cast the spell you plan to place in the glyph

Unless, of course, your DM decides to decide that these requirements can be passed by hand under the clause "Ignore the requirements of fate".