dns – Domain name resolution in Android using native programming languages

I’m developing a native application using C/C++.
I need to use name resolution service.
Making JNI calls is an option.
Using an external native library is another option.
However, I’m thinking about the probability of a third option.

As noted here, on devices running Android 10 and higher, this service is provided with a native library (libnetd_resolv.so).
This means, functions that I need rest in this library and I can confirm that.

My question is, can I use this library dynamically and get name resolution service?
I know that Android doesn’t allow applications to use system libraries but what if I download this shared object and distribute with my application, does it work?
If it doesn’t, is there a future plan for this to work?
I’m asking because it is so weird to me that I need a function, it resides in my hands, but I have to make JNI calls in order to use it.