dns – openvpn: Windows 10 incorrectly reports no internet access

I’m trying to configure openvpn to provide our staff with access to a private subnets in AWS.

In order to allow them to resolve private zone addresses, I have the config set to push the DNS server, like so…

push "block-outside-dns"
push "dhcp-option DNS"

Where is the default DNS server for the VPC in which the openvpn server is running.

This seems to work fine. After connecting, I’m able to resolve private AWS hostnames etc.

However after being connected for a couple of minutes, Windows 10 network status icon starts reporting that it has no internet access.

However, internet access is working fine.

While it seems the status warning could just be ignored, I’m not happy about handing this over to our staff, and telling them to ignore the warnings.

What can I do to have Windows 10 correctly detect that it has internet access, when it’s using the openvpn provided DNS?

I tried removing the “block-outside-dns” option, however then the custom DNS was simply ignored, so I could no longer resolve private AWS hostnames.