Do Blesta administrators remove paid customer support tickets?

I recently moved from WHMCS to Blesta for billing and managing web hosting services.

At this moment, I think I have made a terrible mistake.

I've had some problems with one of their own modules (Centos Web Panel module), in that it refuses to automatically provide services on my Centos Web Panel server. I have tried to solve the problem, but it seems that the information available on this module is limited and that the documentation is nil.

I've therefore sent a forum request to Blesta administrators … giving them full access to both my Blesta installation and the root user on the CWP server itself (via pm).

I received an answer to the request of the forum saying that they had examined the issue and that nothing was happening. Imagine my disappointment when I connected back to the server and found that it was not resolved … the module still refuses to provide new services. Not only that, but as far as I know, they did not do anything to test on the server in order to make sure it was actually working before responding to me!

Yesterday, I decided to send a report request via the customer ticketing system (this is a paid service). I received a confirmation email yesterday stating that the ticket had been received by them.

This morning, I connect to to check the status of my ticket, but only to find that this ticket does not exist … it was clearly deleted intentionally or because of a technical problem.

So I'm now paying a monthly lease on a system that does not work with my server, which does not respond to forum help requests and removes "paid" customer support tickets asking for help setting up modules designed and developed by Blesta themselves.

I advise anyone considering using blesta … to pay a few extra dollars a month and use whmcs instead!