Do links to your sitemap make SEO easier?

Of course, I know the importance of having a site map and linking it from your own website. This is not my question at all. No, my question is a lot more complex and intriguing.

But first …

A bit of history to my question

I was doing a competitive link analysis for a client and I discovered that one of his competitors was creating links to their sitemap.xml file. That led me to start asking some questions …

Having a link to your sitemap would ensure that Google searches your entire site … maybe ..?

Even then, would your robots.tx file or XML sitemap submission in the Google Search Console not do the same thing faster and easier?

Is there a value in creating external links to your Sitemap?

Since this is the first time I've met this and I never remember reading anything about it (and I read a lot of SEO blogs!), I thought I was going to start a little post asking if anyone met that either.

We also hope that someone will be able to tell us if this would bring real added value and if there would be any benefit to this tactic of strengthening style links.

Thank you!