Do you agree that websites and blogs can make one rich? | NewProxyLists

Is it possible? Yes.

Can you achieve it?
Probably not unless you are an achieving person that actually likes to earn money online, and is quite good at it.
It also requires you to invest, and most people here dont even want to spend a penny on hosting or a domain name. They want everything free, easy and spoonfed. Those things all don’t go together with big earnings.
For big earnings you need to think critically and work hard.

Most users on that forum invest hundreds in automated software before they even start their journey, and even then 99% fails the first time and gives up.

Also half of those guides made on that place are sponsored listings. They make a good looking guide, you reply to see the guide, and it has links to paid software, which the original poster gets money from. Payment proofs can be easily faked, and a lot of them to do that to get “bragging rights”.

Truth is, that most of the guides there are old (dropshipping), outdated (scrapebox), or simply dont work that good (CPA on chatbots, social media etc) as they like to let you believe.
Nothing goes simple when you want the big bucks, because if it was really simple everyone could do it and the earnings wont be as high.

If you want to see someone succeed that you know, take a look at mr. b. That man is a real entrepreneur and working to “make it”. You can also see that he is almost 24/7 online and working on the forum, so its not easy at all to build a growing website.

Long story short, yes you can make it, but you wont make it by answering surveys or clicking PTC ads for pennies.
You need a way to grow the money.