Do you have any regrets? | Promotion Forum

More than 20 years ago, I had a website that allowed to draw people's attention to my portrait area (I drew / painted animals and characters) . The website was dedicated to pets. I've posted pets, written pretty things about them and even created my own web ringtone! It was getting a lot of work, especially since my goal was to get people to buy pets and I did not get any customers. My main activity was via eBay and a local consignment shop.

In rethinking, I had a very good domain name that I let slip a few years after startup and I probably should have kept it. I could have done something more exciting if I realized what improvements I could have made to the site and how other people were not doing exactly what I was doing at that time.

I think that if I had known other people who could help me with ideas or even help, it could have become something really special. So yes, I have regrets. I could have incorporated a really cool forum with that … patience is a virtue.