Do you think Jordan Peele hates Whitey?

Most movies have mostly white castes. So, I think whites. Have a more than fair representation in Hollywood.

This is what Peele said.

"But there are other types of power, and Peele intends to wield it wisely – one of the ways is to continue to place black faces on the screen in the lead roles." The way I see it, "he explained," I have to blacken people in my films. I feel lucky to be in this position where I can tell Universal: "I want to make a horror movie of $ 20 million with a black family." And they say yes. "

It's a formula that does not interest him.

"I do not see myself entrusting the lead role in my film to a white man.It's not that I do not like white men," he said while nodding to his friend moderator Roberts. "But I saw this movie." The line aroused loud applause and shouts of agreement. "It's really one of the best pieces of this story, we feel like we are right now, a rebirth has come and it's proven that the myths about representation in the industry are wrong." " …