do you trust Trump completely? how was he before his election?

I do not trust him. But then, I do not trust most politicians. So not trusting him is really not so different from those who preceded him.

What I evaluate are actions. Trump is a national embarrassment as a human being. But his administration is actually not so bad. His ideas on trade and immigration have been out of date for 200 years, but his actions in these areas, although very turbulent, have actually been rather shy. Meanwhile, its staff continued deregulation and tax reform, which allowed the economy to grow fast enough to allow a significant increase in wages for the first time in two decades.

His foreign policy is a mixture of random acts. One often has the impression that he is the villain of Batman Two-Face, who throws a coin before every action to decide what to do. Ooops, bad head this time, suppose I'm going to blame our allies. And yet, on the jackpots, he did not behave badly. Enabling his generals to enjoy freedom has allowed much faster progress against the Islamic State, for example, after five years of Obama whistling and attempting to pretend that "the tide of war is in the process of to back down ".

I do not necessarily want 4 more years of Trump, but if the first two are indicative, the results are worse. Democrats would do well to name someone who is eligible.