Do you want a liability partner or a virtual team?

Glad you're here.

I only have the answers you see in this thread.
I've asked pretty much everyone I'm conversing with that they seemed like a good choice, but most do not seem interested in kicking, but with a team or maybe in do they already have one.

Maybe I'm scary … lol
Yeah, it must be my picture with the walls behind me.

It does not matter to me, I'm on my first cup of coffee.
Third house working here, then wacky hours even though I'm a little bit at home a little girl.

I do not spend a lot of time trying to find people anywhere.
Maybe I should do a Facebook group.

I was part of some brains years ago and they were very beneficial. Then hurricanes hit me and I fell in the dark. I was then invisible, although not totally forgotten and rather left behind since the others were gone by the time I came back. Yup things change for everyone.
Online, it's even easier for people to disappear as everyone passes by and you can not recover what you started.

The brains, the teams, the partnerships, the friendships … all this requires work and a large percentage of people do not stick to work without quick results, not to mention the creation and preservation of 39, a team.

Well, I climbed yes … Oh well … I do not do that often. I just think aloud.

"Have you ever had answers and are you still interested?"
Yes I am …

Want to form a team that can help each other to succeed. The idea is that each person contributes to what is best, if nothing else.
Or as I said … encouragement and even a potential for friendship.

However, as I mentioned earlier, it takes commitment and sometimes we have to step out of our comfort zone.

While working online, I found that it was a solitary world where most contacts in my email were the ones I wanted to associate with Marketing to Me. Otherwise, it would not be time to develop a relationship, let alone something else. lol.
My family does not know what the hell I'm talking about for the most part.

In the meantime, I unplug every day … and I'm happy to see progress.

And you?

We can contact by email. Do not hesitate to send me a personal message