Docker Swarm + servers of different providers = Gateway Timeout 504

I have a cluster of Swarm nodes:

  • N10 and N11, hosted by provider P1 (some datacenter)
  • N20 and N21, hosted by provider P2 (some other datacenter)

Traefik is deployed on N10:

  • if my service is deployed on N11: Traefik routes the calls correctly.
  • if my service is deployed on N20: Traefik goes in Gateway timeout 504.

Within my service

  • if my app is deployed on N11 and my database on N12, all works.
  • if my app is deployed on N11 and my database on N20, connection with the database fails.

Clearly, there’s a connection failure between N10/N11 and N20, and the same errors occurs if I try with a fresh clean server N21 from provider P2.


  • nodes from P2 have no firewall (test servers)
  • nodes from P1 have ports 2377, 4789, 7946 (UDP/TCP) open for N20/N21
  • nodes from P2 join the swarm joyfully
  • I can deploy stacks to nodes from P2 without errors
  • Swarmpit, a swarm manager, deployed on N11 can access info and logs from services deployed on N20/N21
  • within Traefik container on N10, connections to services on N20/N21 fail (timeout); but connections from N10 (Traefik’s host) to these services (via N20/N21 direct IP) succeeds.

I’m quite puzzled, and have still to improve in networking.

Any help, any clue appreciated.