Does the discussion “console games vs PC” still exist?

As far as I can remember, I’ve observed as teenager an ongoing discussion in the 90s, if not even a flame war, between console and PC gamers.

  • For most, having both a PC and a gaming console was simply not affordable
  • Generally, PC games seemed to have larger variety of game genres and generally provide access to more complex games, but consoled seemed to offer more colorful and vivid experiences.
  • Some games where of course then ported between different platforms, some not.

Now I must admit I am almost out of the world of games since more than two decades.

Today, as far as I can see, really many games releases appear simultaneously for many platform.

My question:

  • Does the discussion still exist in the gaming community, I mean, if yes, what are non-opiniated hard facts in this discussion? (beyond simple taste preference)
  • Or if not can we state for example, consoles have become more or less very specialized PCs (or provide other facts based arguments that such debates have descreased)?

Please note: this is not the question about “which platform is better”.
It a yes/no question about factual existence of noticable debates on this topic.