Does your "WordPress Host" use WordPress for their own site? – Is their site slow?

Is not it really interesting to see how many WordPress hosts do not use WordPress themselves for their own sites, promise faster 2-20X performance for your WP site, while the performance of their static HTML site are slow … How can they promise up to 20 times faster for your WordPress site than it even happens to get its own business website to work in HTML?

I've been testing websites from web hosting companies with the help of:

I will not post any results here, but you should, just for laughing or for your own education, test the business website of your current host and that of other hosts only to see the results.

Some of the results I saw would surprise you, global page loadings with an average duration of 1.7 seconds … etc … NOT a 20X performance higher than the one announced by some, at least not in my opinion … I would NEVER accept this level of performance … anything that exceeds 0.5 seconds for charges should be a cause for concern in the current high-speed environment for SEO, customer friendliness, etc.

So, what makes these hosting company sites work so slowly? It must be a combination of poor server hardware, data centers and the software used to run the web service … or is it something else?

How fast is your website on your WordPress site, hosted by a WordPress host? Check it and post your results here so that other users can help them make the best choice for their WordPress hosting.