domain name system – Can not point the website to the AWS LightSail instance

Here is the scenario before my question:

  1. Have a domain ( bought at
  2. Have purchased AWS LightSail
  3. Plesk is installed on LightSail

Tasks I have done so far:

  1. Adding A records (from the web interface of my to point to LightSail Public IP.
  2. Added name servers provided by LightSail to my domain name servers (from web interface)


The picture below shows Plesk's DNS settings
enter the description of the image here

Below is the picture of LightSail Global DNS Zone
enter the description of the image here

The problem

  1. The website indicates the error "ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED" when attempting to access via a web browser.
  2. When you try to ping the Web site through a command prompt, the error message "The ping request could not find the" "error message. host Check the name and try again. " is generated.

NOTE: According to, it is confirmed that the NS records point to the name servers created by the LightSail instance. A records, however, are not.

Do I miss something to properly map the domain on my side? Any help would be very helpful.