domain name – warning about WWW CNAME search with

Final feature: Why do I receive this warning for one of my domains when I use test tool:

WWW recording tests


Oops! You have a CNAME entry for your WWW registration but the A record
partner is not sent back with! It means an additional search needs
to run, unnecessarily increasing the load times of your site.

I have searched for this warning report, but nothing significant has been found and Google search results only return one page with no great relevance.

Does anyone know what this means and why this happens? And here is the real kicker – if you check with, their domain is also getting this warning! It's a little comforting to know that I'm not the only one with this problem, but I want to understand why? How can I fix this? And more importantly, should I change something in (1) my DNS records, or (2) on my server / hosting or (3) in both places or is it related to NameSilo NS?

I have tested 2 of my domains with; we are registered with NameSilo, another with (NameSilo + VPS) ( + shared hosting with cPanel)

Now, as far as I know (which is limited in DNS because I am self-taught), both are configured in the same way. Of course, the only difference lies in the values ​​of IP addresses, domain names and some parameters. But overall, they are equal for A and CNAME records.


A record on NameSilo =>
* =>

A record on
@ =>
* =>


In both domains, I use the version without www, and server side, I do all the redirects. This part works well.

In NameSilo I've put it in white above, and on, it's @ – I think the effect is the same, for example point to "root"?

CNAME records on NameSilo / respectively => =>

When I perform a global DNS check, ( returns no errors in the section WWW recording tests > Search WWW CNAME, however, I get a warning for (NameSilo).

I've tested domains with dig (The wildcard * below means number 1 or 2):

to dig an example * .com
dig www.exampledomain * .com
dig CNAME exampledomain * .com
dig CNAME www.exampledomain * .com

And overall, I have received very similar reports, which means that everything is fine in this regard.

NameSilo has some problems related to SOA, for example:

Error: All Name Servers Have the Same SOA Serial Number
warning: SOA serial number format

But, this part is not controlled by me (I think).

Thank you!