Domain Registrar NiceNIC.NET accepts Bitcoin now

Hello DPers,

That's NiceNIC.NET, a domain registrar and hosting provider, that good deals and good health are always with you!

We now accept the Bitcoin payment method for a simple reason: to make our customers and resellers happy.

We have identified 2 solutions to meet the requirements of our customers and resellers:

*** The first solution (3 steps)

# 1 Please "Submit a ticket" on the NiceNIC.NET home page to request a "Bitcoin wallet address".

# 2 Please transfer Bitcoin to "the address of the wallet";

# 3 Please reply to the ticket in # 1 by enclosing the screenshot of the Bitcoin transaction.

When we receive your Bitcoin transaction screen capture, our billing team will be informed to check if we receive your Bitcoin or not. Once your bitcoin is confirmed, our billing team will credit your account on time.

*** The second solution (4 steps)

# 1 Please exchange bitcoins with a CNY vendor who supports Alipay on any Bitcoin trading platform;
# 2 Please ask the CNY seller to deposit money on our official Alipay account, which is listed on
# 3 Please ask the CNY seller to give you a payment receipt, which should include the Alipay transaction ID, a long string of digits.
# 4 Please send a ticket via enclosing the receipt in .JPG format (does not support .PNG format).

When we receive your ticket, our billing team will be notified to verify whether we receive payment from Alipay or not. When payment is confirmed, our billing team will credit your account on time.

The entire Bitcoin payment process is easy to manage, try it!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us by "Submit a ticket".

Thank you for your support and attention!

Best regards,
Customer Support Team