[Download] Elna Cain – Write your way to your first $ 1k

[Download] Elna Cain – Write your way to your first $ 1k

Write to 1K has 7 modules:

Module 1: Laying the foundations

This module brings you in the spirit of freelance writer. These are basic steps such as creating a niche (domain) on which to focus and set goals. Without a solid foundation, you will not be able to create a strong and profitable independent business or economic activity.

Module 2: Building Your Writing Platform

This module covers your online presence, especially your website and social networks. (By the way, if you only need tips on your website, check out another website from Elna's writing website on weekends.)

Module 3: Build Your Portfolio

Your wallet contains the examples you need to convince your customers that you are legitimate. This module teaches you to create and display an impressive portfolio that helps you sell your skills in the best possible way.

Module 4: Finding Write Clients

Obviously, if you can not find customers, you will not be writing independent money. But you do not want to find any old customer. You want to find customers who know your value and whose budgets reflect this value! These are the customers that Elna will teach you to master.

Module 5: Your pitch

The customers you've learned to find in Module 4 … yeah, you will not secure them until you can deliver an extremely effective pitch. This is one of my favorite modules because Elna shares examples of terrains that have a high success rate (up to 75%) for her. You can simply model your grounds after his own!

Module 6: Your first 1K

Ayyyeee, that's what excites me! The very process of creating your publications or articles is what will bring you the most money. Elna has therefore created a special module that focuses on the structural and technical aspects of creating valuable publications and articles.

Module 7: Your Independent Business

Finally, the company. If customers and funds arrive, you need to know how to manage them. This section covers billing and systems that will make your freelance life easier!