[Download] Patrick Dermak – How to grow your local business with Facebook

[Download] Patrick Dermak – How to grow your local business with Facebook


  • Computer with Internet access
  • Follow the instructions step by step
  • $ 10 advertising budget for your first campaign

The description

Facebook Marketing: How to grow your business with retargeting

This course will reveal the power of retargeting on Facebook and explain how to react to the latest trends in digital marketing!

Retargeting is the most powerful advertising feature you can access right now. It has benefited from the benefits of many companies in virtually every industry – so you should not miss this opportunity!

If you want to change the economics of your business and access four proven retargeting strategies to grow your business instantly, this training is for you.

Learn how to use retargeting and deploy our four proven basic strategies to increase your revenue instantly!

In this class, you'll learn how to use retargeting for:

  • Promote your content
  • Get more leads
  • Build your fan base
  • Sell ​​products and services

Enter the world of retargeting

This course will guide you through all the steps to deploy Facebook retargeting to increase the success of your business.

First of all, you will learn what retargeting is and why it is so effective. We'll also see how retargeting has changed the economy of a company you've probably heard about.

After covering the fundamental principles of retargeting, we will take the first steps together. You can look over my shoulder to learn how to embed a pixel retarget and discover the basic process for creating a personalized audience.

Once your retargeting pixel is in place, we will delve into four main strategies. I'll explain step by step how to use retargeting to promote your content, get more leads, more fans and sell your products and services.

In this context, we will discuss the basic strategic concepts, as well as a complete procedure for configuring retargeting lists and retargeting campaigns. This will allow you to choose any strategy and instantly deploy the retargeting.

By the end of the course, you'll be ready to implement cost-effective retargeting campaigns, lower your advertising costs, and increase your revenue.

To whom this course is addressed:

  • Beginner and intermediate
  • Companies of all sizes
  • Students starting their first business