download-rename-resize images from list of urls

So I need to download-rename-resize some pictures, for which I have direct links in Excel column. Resizing itself is to crop (or enlarge with adding white #FFFFFF without distorting picture) all of them. Here’s example of the flow I’m currently trying to create:

  1. Load some pic links from a list:

  1. Download these pictures, but with names starting 1 from first file. For example the 3 pics above must be saved as it follows:

asdfgh.jpg – 1.jpg

asdfgh1.jpg – 2.jpg

asdfgh2.jpg – 3.jpg

  1. A script or other that resizes them 1000×1500 by cropping or adding white #FFFFFF color. There are popular sites, but they can’t handle 10 000+ pictures.

  2. Save them using same as source names to specified by me directory.