Driving with an International Driving Permit in Taiwan

I have a British driver's license and plan to rent a car in Taiwan for a few days, but I find contradictory information on the international driver's license.

According to the AA website in Taiwan, IDPs are valid for 30 days; more than 30 days, ID and UK licenses must be endorsed locally in a motor vehicle office (photo and passport required)

Information on travel advice abroad:
To drive to Taiwan, you need an International Driving Permit (IDP). Once in Taiwan, you will need to bring your passport, IDP and a passport photo to the nearest vehicle registration service and apply for a driver's license visa, which will then be placed in your POI.

If the latter is correct, would that mean that it is rather impossible to rent a car directly at the airport and that one must first go to the registration service? cars? Or does this information apply only to visits of more than 30 days?