Drupal 8/9 alter comments pager to jump to comments section right away?

I am pretty new to Drupal, so sorry for a maybe very basic question.
I set up a content type and a specific comment type for this content. I set the comments pager to display 10 comments per page. When I now use the pager, I get redirected from the node URL itself www.domain.com/node/1, to www.domain.com/node/1?page=1.

Now I am wondering, if there’s any possiblity to add an ID to the URL for the comments pager only. Something like: www.domain.com/node/1?page=1#comments.

I want to do this, so the user doesn’t need to scroll over the whole content of the node again, just to get to the second comments page. Instead I want to jump to the comments section right away.

Is there any elegant way to do so? A module that does it, or similar? I already thought of altering the pager.html.twig in my theme. But then I would alter the node pager as well.
Thank you very much in advance for pointing me any way to achieve this.