Drush 9 on Windows 7 problem

I've installed drush 9 and now I get the following error every time i run a drush command:

/ usr / bin / sh: /cygdrive/c/mysite/vendor/drush/drush/drush.launcher: No such file or directory


  • I've installed Drush 9 on Windows 7 using composer. This was an update of my previous drush 8.

  • Drush files are installed in my local site seller directory.

  • the drush.launcher The file is in the directory indicated in the error message above.

  • To execute a drush command, I go to the root directory of my site using MINGW64 and run the command using provider / bin / drush. for example:

seller / bin / drush drusn --version

Thank you in advance for your help.