Dungeon World – Do I currently understand the metamorphosis and personalization movements as a Druid?

Custom movements:

However, if (still shaped) I have to climb a tree to escape a danger on the ground, I now use a custom motion that the bear form provides me: Natural Born Climber . In my natural form, this could be a part of Defy Danger's challenge to try to make it into a tree … but bears do not have to TRY and make it into a tree, they do it. So, in the shape of a bear, I spend a hold, and I just climbed to the tree (no need to roll).

The actual custom move would look like this:

Natural Climber – With your powerful hips and sharp claws, you can easily climb almost anything that can support your weight.

I understand that the custom movements of each animal are subject to GM's approval. I'm just trying to lighten her burden by developing a series of "in stock" custom movements for certain animals I plan to count on often (flying, swimming, etc.).