Dungeons and Dragons – How is Mialee associated with the Sunless Citadel Adventure?

I have a copy of Tales of the gaping portal. On the cover page, a collage of characters appearing in the adventures of the interior. However, there is a problem on.

Cover of Tales from the Yawning Portal.

Inside the cover, he tells you which character is which. Just above Durnan's elbow (the man in the foreground), to the left, is an elf, which the book identifies as being Mialee in the Sunless Citadel adventure. However, Mialee definitely does not appear in this adventure, or at least in the version of this adventure published in Tales of the gaping portal.

I have not played at previous editions of D & D, but a Google search indicates that Mialee was one of the iconic characters from some of the previous editions. I know that Sunless Citadel appeared in previous editions of the game so it is possible that Mialee will appear in the previous version, but I do not know. There is a large group of characters who appear in the adventure and could have appeared on the cover. Yet, for some reason, the artists chose Mialee.

How is Mialee associated with the Sunless Citadel adventure?