e-mail – E-Mail privacy proxy to hide real e-mails?

Are there E-Mail proxy services to improve privacy and security?

Confidentiality in the sense that it is not necessary to give a website its username (perhaps even in the form firstname.lastname@domain.tld) ​​and in a sense of the security that the email used cannot be used to log into the email service (which makes it useless for a password leaked, since the email address cannot be used to log in).


john.doe@gmail.com could be someone's email. If there was a Google Privacy / Proxy service, then we could generate as many random emails as possible and if we received spam or a leak, it could be disabled:

  • abcdef@gmail.proxy
  • 290dcef@gmail.proxy

could both redirect mail to john.doe@gmail.com.

One could be blocked / disabled / deleted if you wish without giving up the real account (for example, because 290dcef@gmail.proxy has been compromised or spam is sent to it).

Would this really improve security and privacy? Or am I missing something?

And does such a service exist? (as a bonus, replying to such proxy emails would be even better, converting the real account from to proxy email address)