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Many people think of starting their own business but they are retiring because of a high capital investment. No matter if you start a large showroom, a manufacturing company or just a small shop, you need a fair amount of money to invest in a reasonable rent, to buy products, workers, etc. .

But today, in the age of the internet, you do not need all this to start your business. You simply need a laptop with a good Internet connection and basic computer and Internet skills. You must think how? Here, I have an answer to your question. I think you have to hear about direct delivery. Otherwise, stick to this blog post until the end. I will tell you about the whole process of creating a drop shipping business from scratch.

This business model does not require a lot of money, but if you have a creative mind, you will be successful. Drop Shipping is a very popular business model in the United States, but it's a new concept here in India. Many people earn a lot of money with this. Drop Shipping has been booming in India for 4 or 5 years. So you have great business opportunities.

What is the drop shipping?

It is a retail distribution method. Drop Shipping is a business term in which the seller (you) do not need to store products in your store. You have an agreement with a supplier / wholesaler who sends the product directly to the customer rather than you, is not it great? In this online business, you do not need to maintain stocks, no headaches related to the liquidation of stocks, no significant investment, no tension regarding shipments.

Basically, you just market the product and when you receive an order, you send the details of the shipping and ordering to your Drop Shipping supplier or wholesaler, they take care of the rest of the process. This is a great way to make money online.

How it works?

Let's take it step by step

First, you find a product from a supplier, whether it's eBay, Alixpress or any direct delivery company.
Now you find the product you want to sell and you indicate it on your online store. For example, you sell a keyboard at ₹ 500
Now, a customer buys the product from you. He goes to your online store and buys a product from you.
The next step is to take this order and send it to the supplier. You pay your supplier 200 ₹.
Now, the supplier has the order, he directly sends the product to your customer
You are net. The profit is 500 ₹ – 200 ₹ = 300 ₹.
What's happening here is that you're not going to touch any of the stocks you're doing, it's marketing the product and getting all the things you need to do for the customers.

How to start?

Now you know what it is and how it works. The next question is how to start as well; you can also make money online. Here I have a step by step process for you. Follow these steps and you are ready to go. Many people have been stuck here because of the lack of information. You will find a lot of information on the internet, but most of them are missing.

1. Find products for sale

The first step in creating your online business Drop Shipping or any other business is to choose a niche. Niche is like a category means you select a product category in which you want to do business. There are many categories on the market such as clothing, electronics, appliances, kitchen appliances, cosmetics, etc. Choose one.

You can not dive into any niche that will fail, especially at the beginning. Let's take an example from Amazon. Amazon was initially a book sales site. After slowly analyzing the needs of the market and starting with different categories, it is today the largest online sales site in the world.

So, how are you going to find the niche that suits you best? Here are some tips that will help you choose a niche.

Choose the niche according to your interests. If you randomly select a niche in which you are not interested, you will quickly lose interest in the business and this will lead to failure. So, make sure that when you choose the niche you are interested.
If you are not sure of your interest and you do not have the idea of ​​your niche, do a market research for which you can use Google. Use Google's Keyword Planner and Google Trends, which are Google's free tools. Find your keyword related to your product and see how many people are looking for it, this will help you choose your niche.
You can also check out the best selling products on Amazon.
A niche of choice that has a product at higher price. If you sell a product of 500 and you make a profit of 200 on the other hand, if we assume that you sell a product of £ 3,000, then there will be a high profit margin compared to ₹ 500 product and both require the same effort of effort to sell.
Try to avoid large products because if you choose large products, your shipping costs will increase and your profit will go down. Take care of the size too.

2. How can I find wholesalers in direct shipping?

Now is the time to find a reliable direct shipping supplier, a seller or an entire manufacturer, who can make the direct shipment for you. Many of them can make a direct delivery, but you have to find the most reliable and reliable direct mailer you can rely on. After all, you will not touch and see what product it delivers to your customer.

If it is not reliable and it sends a defective product to your customer, it will definitely affect your business. So here are some things you should keep in mind when selecting a supplier.

He has a good brand in the market. Your supplier must have a good image in the market. So here's the point is to perform a full background check of your provider.
Make sure it delivers the product within 2 or max. 3 days. If it takes more than 3 days, your customer may be able to cancel the order because people can not wait. They have more options in the market.
Do they deliver the product safely? How do they pack the product? What messaging services do they use?
The most important point cost. Calculate the price you pay to your one-time shipper and the price you sell to your customer so you can make a good profit.
If the provider has all the qualities that I have mentioned above, he is the right person to start.

How to find

By 2018, there are too many companies in India for direct shipments. But still, you do not have one, so I have a few methods that you can use to find.

Take the help of Google to find. Simply go to google.com and search for the keyword "Drop Shipping Companies in India" or "Drop Shippers in India" to get a list of many companies.
Another way to find directories. You will get the list of direct mailers in directories such as HotHaat, India mart, you just have to dial etc … you can also search for directories on Google.
You will find many ads for direct delivery businesses on Facebook, Instagram and Google. This way you can also find a drop shipper for you.
You can also find Drop Shipper on online sales websites such as Amazon, Flip Kart, eBay etc … on behalf of sellers and find contact information. Or their website link.
Referral, it is the best option to find a provider. Contact someone who is aware of this or he did or did this business.

3. Where to sell?

There are many options to sell your products online. But not all options are for everyone. If you are new to this sector and do not want to invest, you have another option. If you have enough money and want to invest, you have other options.

If you do not want to invest money, you can sell on unorganized markets like:

Facebook – Yes, you can sell products on Facebook and make money. There are three ways to sell on Facebook.
Facebook Groups for Buying and Selling – There are too many groups on Facebook where you can sell your products. Just join these buying and selling groups and add your products. If you are interested in a purchase, they will contact you.
The second option to sell on Facebook is the Facebook page. There is an option to add products to Facebook pages, where you can add your products you want to sell and people will order.
The third option is my favorite marketplace on Facebook. It's something like Amazon and other ecommerce sites. This is the best option on Facebook to sell your products. Here you will get more orders than groups and Facebook pages.
You can also sell on websites like OLX and faster. You can list your products on these sites for free but within certain limits. When you reach their free limit, they ask you to pay for the list. So, I will not strongly recommend you but you can use the free lists.
If you have money to invest, I recommend you choose these options.

Create your shopify shop. Shopify is a platform where you can create your e-commerce store and sell what you want. They allow to personalize your store. They also provide you with tools such as analysis and many more. But it's not free, they charge a monthly subscription. Shopify has three planes
Basic Shopify – 29 USD per month
Shopify – 79 USD per month
Advanced Shopify – 299 USD per month
You can start with the basic plan and if you grow, you can improve your plane to make it evolve.

Launch your own ecommerce website of your brand. If you want to strengthen the value of your brand in the market, this is the best way. But here you need money to invest in a domain name, a host and many other things.
4. Make a plan

Yes, you need a plan and strategy to focus on your business and your customer. Every business needs an airplane and without a plan, it fails. In this area, you can not survive without a good plane. For example, you need to know how to retarget your customer, how to return it to your online store, how to create a brand, how will you manage your time, how to catch the attention of your targeted customers.

It is very difficult to create your own brand, get the first customer and keep the old customer. Make a plane run the stick for a moment to analyze whether it works or not? If you can not find the weak points, try to correct them and create another one in this way.

Advantages and disadvantages of direct delivery

There is always something good and bad in any business. You must have known about it. Here I highlight some of the advantages and disadvantages of Drop Shipping for you.


Low start-up cost
Easy working method
Minimum risk factor
No need to maintain the inventory
No specific location required You can start anywhere.
The inconvenients

Not easy to find a reliable supplier.
No orders on the packaging and shipping process
Difficult to retain customers
High competition
Low margin
5. Go to action

Now, I guess you have selected your niche, your supplier, the platform on which you want to sell and you also have a plane ready for your business. It is now time to act. Start today after reading this blog post. Do not think too much. You will learn how to manage day after day once you have started.